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We attract and recruit disabled people, which gives us access to the widest talent pool at every level.

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Recruitment | Word

The Disability Standard covers ten business areas and this resource explains the criteria for Section 4 - Recruitment. Although individual business areas may want to look at this criteria and use it as part of their business and work plans, it is important to recognise that the following assessment criteria has been developed alongside nine other business areas; the Disability Standard is designed to be undertaken as an organisation working together rather than individual business areas working in isolation.

Recruitment | PDF

Welcome to This best practice guide developed by APSCo and BDF and sponsored by EY, provides practical tips and expert advice on how employers can best work collaboratively with recruitment partners to tap into the rich and diverse talent pool of seven million working-age individuals who class themselves as disabled.

Recruitment | PDF

Inclusive recruiter and Business Disability Forum (BDF) Partner, de Poel Community, offers employability training to unemployed people and those facing barriers to employment. 

Recruitment | PDF

This report examines current practice in the employment of people with autism amongst BDF’s membership organisations and makes key recommendations for employers when adopting inclusive practice.

Showing 1 to 4 of 4 resources