Accessible Technology Charter: ICT development lifecycle

We will promote a development lifecycle for our ICT solutions that is based on inclusive design from definition to delivery, to minimise the cost and reputation risk triggered by retrofitting products and systems.

Ensuring that the needs of all potential groups of users are considered from the beginning of any development process means that you can take an informed decision as to how best to address them. If your products or services are designed and developed inclusively, you can be sure that as many users as possible can take full advantage of them from the outset.

This reduces the need for add-on assistive technologies (though where these are needed for particular users’ needs, the right design decisions ensure that eg a screen reader can be used effectively with the product), and minimises the likelihood of you needing to make expensive changes to finished products. Moreover, it reduces the reputational and legal risks of discovering too late that a disabled person cannot use a newly developed solution.

Embedding inclusive design of ICT into your organisation and processes using BS 8878

The BS 8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice provides a framework to help organisations to embed inclusive design in organisational policies, across key job-roles, and into ICT product creation processes. To understand more about this framework, take a look at Accessible Technology Charter Signatory, Hassell Inclusion’s summaries and case-studies of how organisations are using BS 8878 to become more inclusion competent and confident.

You can visit the Hassell Inclusion BS 8878 page here.

Inclusive Design Toolkit

Products that are more inclusive can reach a wider market, improve customer satisfaction and drive business success, especially given the ageing population. To understand a bit more about the benefits of inclusive design, take a look at the Inclusive Design Toolkit, sponsored by Taskforce members BT.

Visit the Inclusive Design Toolkit here.

Download our overview of accessibility standards (Word) Download our overview of accessibility standards (Word)

Download our comprehensive guide of accessibility standards (Word) Download our comprehensive guide of accessibility standards (Word)