Assistive Technology Catalogues

Many people with disabilities or impairments benefit from the use of assistive technology (AT) in the workplace. But what AT should you have, what are the different options available to you and why would you have different options of similar software? This Technology Taskforce guide will answer these questions and provide you with an overview of what makes a comprehensive AT catalogue.

Giving each person whatever they ask for, whether it be the first item they found on a web search or one that an acquaintance has been using for years, is not the most efficient way of addressing their needs. An AT catalogue allows organisations to narrow the range of equipment they supply. Technically skilled people should look over the range of available equipment and decide on a shortlist on the basis of their technical capabilities and quality features. This will be your organisation’s catalogue.

Download our guidance on 'Assistive Technology Catalogues' Download our guidance on 'Assistive Technology Catalogues'