Accessibility Maturity Model (AMM) - an in depth questionnaire

The Accessibility Maturity Model (AMM) is one of the key tools used by the Technology Taskforce. This is a self assessment tool which enables organisations to drill down to see how they are doing around all aspects of IT accessibility.

You can download the AMM as an Excel spreadsheet and you can also find guidance on the link of how others have gone about their self assessment. The 10 areas of the AMM are the same as the 10 Accessible Technology Charter points, so the charter is about making the commitment, the AMM is measuring how you are doing and identifying areas for improvement.

This guide will provide you with some in-depth questions that you could use if you are looking to focus at specific areas within the AMM. It will support you and your organisation in asking the questions to ensure that you are considering all aspects of accessibility.

Microsoft have generously created this content and shared it with the Technology Taskforce, we thank them for their support.

Download the In-depth Accessibility Maturity Model Questionnaire (Word) Download the In-depth Accessibility Maturity Model Questionnaire (Word)