Case study: ODEON prioritise access and inclusion for disabled customers

We all know how brilliant it can be enjoying the latest blockbuster or art house film in great comfort. Enhancing the customer experience is one of ODEON’s highest priorities. To ensure all of their cinema goers receive the best cinema experience possible, ODEON have implemented a number of customer service initiatives specifically designed to assist disabled people.

Autism Friendly Screenings

ODEON are aware that going to a standard film screening can be challenging for cinema goers with autism or with sensory or learning disabilities. In 2011, ODEON became the first UK cinema
company to implement Autism Friendly Screenings (AFS). The initial idea was developed in partnership between ODEON and autism and learning disability charity, Dimensions, and it was their pioneering work in this field that led to the provision of AFS in many UK cinemas. Whilst the term Autism Friendly Screenings is often used, such screenings have also proved popular for a range of people with other impairments such as learning disabilities.

Read more about ODEON's committment to disabled customers here. Read more about ODEON's committment to disabled customers here.