Customer consultation methods

Technology Taskforce members recognise the power of listening and acting on customer feedback in order to improve the customers’ experience, including those who are disabled or older. By listening, learning and acting, organisations can effectively understand the needs of their customers and create an open dialogue that will help to ensure that customers’ needs and feedback are acted upon.

This document looks at how one of our members, Barclays Bank, approaches customer consultation, the successes they’ve had and presents a case study that illustrates the work they’ve done.
Barclays uses a range of tools and methods to consult with and obtain feedback from disabled and elderly customers – some pro-active and others reactive. Similarly, some methods focus on their existing propositions, whereas others are centred around building new, accessible services.

The consultation methods reviewed in this document are:

  • Customer surveys
  • ‘Your Bank’ website (an online suggestions box) 
  • Public commitment / external statement of intent 
  • User testing of products and services
  • Complaints investigations & root cause analysis 
  • On-going engagement with key external charity partners 
  • Social media channels

Download the 'Best Practice Guide - Customer Consultation Methods Download the 'Best Practice Guide - Customer Consultation Methods