E-learning - ensuring accessibility

These guidelines are heavily based upon those used by Barclays: we would like to thank them for allowing us to reuse their work, and Taskforce members who have commented on earlier drafts.

Key Principles which underpin this guidance

This document outlines the baseline standard required of all e-learning commissioned by or produced for us, in order to meet minimum accessibility requirements.

It is intended as a guide to the actions needed by a supplier of e-learning, whether internal or external, to ensure that as many learners as possible are able to use modules and courses as supplied.

It covers the design and scripting of a course, as well as more technical elements. Some guidance may not be directly relevant to accessibility but will help to reinforce with suppliers  the importance of consistency in look and feel across any corporation’s e-learning products, while avoiding confusion for everyone, including of course disabled employees, between modules. 

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