Case study: Lloyds Banking Group Workplace adjustments

Since 2009 Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has undergone a fundamental transformation to ensure their working environment best meets the needs of all their employees and, in doing so, have demonstrated that being ‘disability smart’ also means being ‘business smart’.

Their pioneering work has created a transferrable model of best practice worthy of serious consideration by BDF Partners and indeed by any large employer. Through a re-engineering of workplace adjustment processes, LBG have delivered financial savings, productivity benefits, cut administration and assessment costs and improved manager and employee satisfaction.

By reviewing LBG’s approach to providing workplace adjustments, BDF aims to highlight the critical success factors which need to be replicated if this best practice and similar business benefits are to be successfully replicated. Our intention is to highlight some of the basic ‘truths ’about systems design, and about human beings, which have enabled LBG to design a process which delivers for the business and the employee.

Download the full Lloyds Banking Group case study here (PDF) Download the full Lloyds Banking Group case study here (PDF)