MatchWare case study: Autism and MindView mind-mapping software

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Mohammed Asif works for ATM Operations at Business Disability Forum (BDF) Partner, Lloyds Banking Group. As well as making sure that support issues are completed within strict timescales, Mohammed is also involved with completing system updates, process development and ongoing process reviews as well as balancing the demands of incoming technical support against on-going projects.

Mohammed sometimes finds it difficult to communicate, prioritise and organise tasks as he has an autism spectrum disorder. In particular, he would find it difficult to put thoughts down on paper
and then structure and prioritise them. Mohammed is a visual learner. He finds connecting information spatially, using colour and images helps him organise his ideas and gets him started on tasks that he would otherwise struggle to begin.

Mohammed underwent a workplace assessment that suggested mind-mapping software could help with structuring tasks and communication. This led him to try MatchWare’s MindView software. MindView is a mind-mapping package used widely in education and the workplace. As well as offering management and collaborative features, MindView’s Assistive Technology Edition provides a unique range of tools for users who need additional support with reading and writing.

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