Case study: Mobile bank branches The Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest go the extra mile

In February 2015, BDF Partner Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) launched two innovative services designed to make banking easier for disabled customers.

Going the extra mile for its customers has long been a cornerstone of RBS. Since 1946, RBS has provided its Mobile Branch Banking service to customers living in remote destinations. Now, in 2015, the RBS and NatWest Mobile Bank Branches serve over 357 communities across the country, making 506 stops and covering over 7,000 miles each week.

John Ellis, Customer Service Officer of the Portree branch on the Isle of Skye explained:

“We have a blind customer who uses the steps to the van and a signature template to sign any documents. There are a number of other disabled customers whom staff visit to collect pay-ins or make withdrawals.”

RBS and NatWest continue to promote and invest in this service. In 2014, the bank invested over £600,000 into rolling out a series of hi-tech mobile branch vans. Alongside these advancements, RBS and NatWest are looking to implement Braille documentation into the service as well as high visibility lighting to assist the organisation’s blind and partially sighted customers.

Download the full RBS / NatWest mobile banking case study here (PDF). Download the full RBS / NatWest mobile banking case study here (PDF).