Targets and measures for accessible ICT

Accessibility is not a passing fad.  It has been around as an issue for about 30 years and shows no signs of becoming less important in the years ahead.  In fact it is expected to become increasingly prominent.

An element of accessibility is that it often starts in an organisation with a group of passionate enthusiasts, often disabled themselves.  They might begin to raise awareness of the issues within that organisation but the experience of our members is that significant progress cannot be made without accessibility becoming just a mainstream issue to be managed.  It cannot remain as an ‘extra’ or ‘bolt on’ feature.

All mainstream business issues have to be managed if they are to be delivered.  Accessibility is no different.  New initiatives need deadlines and targets to work towards.  Operational processes need service level agreements and measures to understand how effective they are.  Reports are needed both to keep those responsible for delivery accountable and to keep accessibility within Management’s focus.

This best practice guide shares our experience of the type of targets and measures that our members use, and the approaches to measurement and reporting we find useful.

Download guidance on targets and measures for accessible ICT here. Download guidance on targets and measures for accessible ICT here.