Tips and Tricks for Accessibility Practitioners

This document has been produced by a number of disability practitioners working in and for large UK organisations, who have come together within Business Disability Forum’s Technology Taskforce to share experience and develop best practice.

This document contains some tips and tricks that disability or accessibility practitioners and assessors might find useful in making technology more accessible for people with a wide range of disabilities. Its purpose is simply to share what we have learned and it may be of particular interest to anyone new to this field. It does not in any way seek to replace a proper assessment process and it does not guarantee that these solutions work for all users. It mainly focuses on solutions that are easy to implement and are low cost or free.

Our intention is to grow this document over time. If you have any feedback on it, or have any tips or tricks that you think might be worth including in it, we would welcome your comments. Please contact us at

Download 'Tips and Tricks for Accessibility Practitioners' here Download 'Tips and Tricks for Accessibility Practitioners' here