Accessing the Member Hub

These FAQs cover issues you might have with registering or accessing the Member Hub

1.    How do I register to use the Member Hub?

To register your organisation must be a member of Business Disability Forum.  To see if your organisation is a member please visit the Business Disability Forum website.  If you are a member and wish to register please contact Business Disability Forum on 020 7403 3020 and ask to speak to your relationship manager, or email

2.    I am unable to access the site.

If you have not yet registered to access the Member Hub you will receive an error message saying we were unable to find your email address.  If you have not registered and wish to do so then please call us on 020 7403 3020 or email  If you have registered and are still experiencing problems please let us know.

3.    I have forgotten my password.

If you look at the top right hand corner of any screen on the Disability Standard site you’ll see ‘Forgotten your password?’.  Click on this and you’ll be taken to a page where you can request a new password.  You will receive an automated email directly from the site with a new password. 

4.    I’ve requested a new password but have not received an email.

Sometimes security settings on email systems direct automated emails from the Disability Standard site to junk or spam email folders.  If you don’t think you’ve received the email have a look there.  If the automated email doesn’t appear please speak to your IT department for further advice. If still no luck, contact your account manager on 020 7403 3020 or email

5.    Where do I go for help?

We have tried to provide as much support and guidance as we can on the Disability Standard website. If this does not answer your question please contact your relationship manager by calling 020 7403 3020 or emailing

6.    How long will the site stay active if I am logged in but with no activity?

You will remain logged in as long as your browser window remains open or until you click the log-out button.  In practise we recommend that you don’t work for any longer than 15 minutes without saving your work. For long sections of text we would advise that you complete this in Microsoft Word first and upload the document, rather than writing big blocks of text in the comment boxes.

7.    We’re worried about confidentiality.

We know that confidentiality is important to you.  For this reason, only super-users can see all the evidence submitted.  If super-users decide to ask someone else in their organisation to complete a criterion (e.g., recruitment), that person will only be able to see the evidence that they have uploaded in relation to recruitment.

Business Disability Forum’s Disability Standard team know that the information uploaded is sensitive and confidential, and will not share it with anyone other than the super-user, and people nominated by the super-user.

Each organisation using the Disability Standard website is responsible for ensuring that they comply with the Data Protection Act, and any sensitive personal data should be anonymised.