The Disability Standard process

How does the Disability Standard work?

1. You can self assess how you are doing on disability in 10 areas:

  • Commitment.
  • Know-how.
  • Adjustments.
  • Recruitment.
  • Retention.
  • Products and services.
  • Suppliers and partners.
  • Communication.
  • Premises.
  • Information and communication technology (ICT).

You can self assess how different business units are doing in one area, or in all 10 areas, and print off your own report. We have devised a simple scoring system, which is explained further in the support section.

Each organisation will be allocated one super-user who will have overall control of your submission. 

Your super-user can ask other people in your organisation to do parts of the self assessment.  The website has been designed to send an automatic email to a colleague notifying them about which section to complete.

Find out more about the self assessment.

2. Decide whether you want to have a Business Disability Forum evaluation

Note: This is something you should discuss with your relationship manager at the Forum.

Why have an evaluation? 

  • You may wish to check your self assessment is accurate.
  • You may wish to receive advice and guidance from us on your ‘weak’ areas.
  • You may want to share your good work with the world.  You can’t do this without us double checking that you really are good!
  • To have evidence of your weak and strong areas as an organisation, so you can develop an action plan.
Find out more about a Business Disability Forum evaluation.

3. Once you confirm you are having an evaluation we'll allocate a disability consultant to work with you as you go through the process.

4. You'll need to agree when you want your Business Disability Forum evaluation to be undertaken, and check our Business Disability Forum evaluation availability to book it. 

5.  You will have to submit your assessment for Business Disability Forum evaluation by the mutually agreed deadline.

6Business Disability Forum's evaluation team will carry out a comprehensive review of your assessment, looking at your submitted evidence.  We will decide whether we agree with your self- assessed score. If we don’t, we will explain why. You will also receive comments (in a style similiar to a school report).

7. You will receive your Business Disability Forum evaluation report within two months (if you need it sooner please tell us). You will be told if you have achieved:

  • Gold (90% or more)
  • Silver (80% or more)
  • Bronze (70% or more)
  • Participant status.
You will receive a Disability Standard electronic badge acknowledging the above, which can be used from this point on as part of your organisation’s email signature or on your website.

8. You will have a personal debriefing over the phone or at our offices (all members), or at your offices (Partners only).