BDF Disability Standard evaluation

BDF's Disability Standard evaluation offers you the opportunity to get your self assessment analysed and validated by disability experts who will prepare a tailored report evaluating your performance. 

We recommend that you take time to review your self assessment report and put improvements and measures in place where possible. Although doing a self assessment will be invaluable, you could find a BDF Disability Standard evaluation helpful in providing expertise and guidance, particularly in areas where you feel less confident. Having your assessment evaluated by our experts will also allow for greater recognition of your achievement and effort.

The Disability Standard evaluation report

All Members receiving a Disability Standard evaluation will receive a personalised accessible report with feedback tailored to your organisation. This report will be stored online and can be downloaded in PDF or Word format. 

More information

Timescales: You can book an evaluation for a month that suits your organisation. 

We will try to get your report to you as quickly as possible (this will be easier if you choose a quiet month).  Please let us know if you have a particular internal deadline. Otherwise, we will get it to you within two months.

Resources: You can allocate one super-user to manage the process for your organisation. The super-user can allocate other colleagues to help take part. 

Storage: The Disability Standard will store ratings and evidence uploaded so you can copy them across to future assessments if you wish.

Cost: More information about the cost of an evaluation can be found in our evaluation prices section.

Additional benefits: Each Member receiving an evaluation is entitled to one free teleconference OR one meeting at our offices to talk through your report.

Partner benefits

BDF Partners receive one free evaluation and are given priority access to the evaluation booking process. You are also entitled to a free meeting on your premises to talk through the evaluation report and a follow up session (on request) to further a particular aspect of the report recommendations.

Book your evaluation now

Contact us now to book an evaluation month. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Don't forget to take a look at the self assessment first.