Disability Standard scoring

The Disability Standard is split into ten core criteria, which represent the ten key business areas that are affected by disability, for example ICT, premises and communication. The Disability Standard is a best practice assessment and the scoring is reflective of this.

When completing the Disability Standard, the maximum overall score that an organisation can achieve is 100%.

Each of the ten criteria of the Disability Standard is worth 10% of this overall score.

Each criterion is then split into five sections, which are of equal weighting, or 2% of the overall score. These five sections are: Lead, Policy & Procedure, Delivery, Review & Advantage.

There are varying numbers of questions in each section, so individual questions may carry varying weightings. For example, where a Lead section (worth 2% of the overall score) has two questions, each question will be worth 1% of the overall score. In contrast, a Delivery section might have four questions, in which case each question will be worth 0.5% of the overall score.

Completing the Disability Standard involves answering questions with 'Yes', 'No' or 'Not applicable' responses. If you answer 'Yes' to a question and upload supporting evidence (for an evaluation), you will receive the total available score for that question. If you answer 'No' to a question, you will score 0% for that question.

Where you answer 'Not Applicable' to a question and upload appropriate evidence to support this, the question is disregarded from the potential overall score. Consider the example of a section that has two questions, both worth 1% of your overall score. If you were to answer 'Not applicable' to one of these two questions, that question be discounted and will no longer be worth 1% of the overall score. Instead, the other question in that section will carry an adjusted weighting of 2%.

The Disability Standard measures best practice, so we would expect 'Not applicable' to be a rare answer.

The diagram below illustrates the scoring process and the relationship between questions, sections and criteria:

We hope the scoring structure will help you to accurately measure your organisation's progress on disability performance.