These FAQs relate to the role of super-users.

1.    What is a super-user?

A super-user is someone within your organisation who has responsibility for controlling participation in the Disability Standard.  They have permission to create self-assessments, manage users and coordinate evaluations.  There is a limit of one super-user per organisation. Partners can create more than one organisation if they wish to compare the performance of different business units, or different countries. If you are a partner and would like to do this, please contact your relationship manager by calling 020 7403 3020 or emailing

2.    What is the difference between a super-user and a user?

Super-users can do those tasks mentioned above, whilst both super-users and users can upload evidence, answer assessment questions and view reports (although users can only access those reports to which they may have been assigned). 

3.    Who is my organisation’s super-user?

If you don’t know who the super-user is please contact Business Disability Forum (call on 020 7403 3020 or email and we’ll let you know.

4.    I want to access the Disability Standard, but I am not the super-user.  Please can you make me our organisation’s super-user.

If a super-user has not yet been set up we’ll be happy to set you up as the super-user.  The role of super-user can be transferred to a colleague at a later date if required.  If a super-user already exists, we will require email confirmation from the current super-user before we can transfer the role.  If in circumstances where the existing super-user is unable to provide an email (such as being on long term sickness absence) please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss.